She tells me, it’s times like this I don’t even mention, (Majid Jordan) feel
Chillin feeling sedated, shout to big bro samm, get well soon big brody🙏💨
Showing support, and chopping it up with the homey reign, Shoutout to the homey Preme, the wait is almost over , 

Dear America (july)
Its all lovee, I rep that OvO, drown sound

Sex, Tats, Bud

Super badd thoughh :p
Checkout   P.reign (Chickens) on ,Download it, repost it, showlove Simple, trill
OvO allday whatever else your reppin don’t matter
Respect to the youngn (OvOisis), skydiving bull, lol (OvOrepsallways)
Thanks samm rawthstein (OvOreps allday)
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